The Executive Performance Course

Learn as an executive how to Peak your performance in 4 days

In this Exclusive 4-Day course, designed specifically for busy executives*, you will learn to:

  • Day 1: Improve your Sleep Quality
  • Day 2: Reduce your Stress Levels
  • Day 3: Use Nutrition to Boost your Health
  • Day 4: Use Exercising to Peak your Performance

*Total video material length under 30min

Executive Performance Course by Riad Hechame

By Riad Hechame

Performance Coach | Engineer | Bestselling Author
Owner of The Strength & Performance Clinic

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How much could a wrong decision from an executive cost a company?

There are decisions with irreversible effects on staff and company, hence the importance of the executive level of health and performance at any given time for optimal and strategic decision-making.

A cross country comparative study on economic losses related to sleep length has shown that the US alone sustains losses of $411 billion a year and if those individuals, that slept under six hours, started sleeping six to seven hours that they could save $226.4 billion to the U.S. economy.

Are you contributing to those numbers by not having a performance friendly lifestyle? Not getting enough sleep? Unaware about your major stressors? Not having a healthy relationship with food, neglecting physical activity or doing the wrong kind of?

executive performance course

My name is Riad Hechame and I’m a health and performance coach and author of two bestseller books on human recovery and performance.

Changing your lifestyle to help you achieve optimal health & peak performance and sharpen your brain for key decision making is never late and this course is designed to help you doing exactly that.

The executive performance course is 4 days long during which I’ll present to you my 3PP (three pillar principle) in form of a series of micro videos. 

Each day you will have access to two videos: 

  • The First video contains powerful facts to convince you to getting started.
  • The second provides you with proven and easy to apply techniques to help you fix one of the pillars.

I know how precious your time is and therefore I designed each video to be as short and efficient to you as practicably possible. So we have no time to waste, let’s get started in the next video with facts about Sleep!


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