A Step by Step Journey to a Healthy Transformation
Riad Hechame
Engineer | Coach | Author
Whether you Are a Beginner or Advanced We can help you to :
  • Master Sleep and Stress
  • Enjoy a healthy nutrition while losing fat
  • Get Stronger and achieve the body you desire
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The Peak Experience

  • Our Training Sessions with you are all 1 to 1
  • Private Training Space
  • You never have to wait for weights or machines
  • Suggestions on food that suits your genotype
  • Only 3 hours of commitment per week

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  • Sleep Better
  • Lose body fat
  • Muscle Toning or Muscle Building
  • Improve Bone Density & Reverse Ageing


  • Maximise Strength and/or
  • Maximise Muscle Mass
  • Improve Brain & Nervous System Functions
  • Rehabilitate and reduce the Risk of Injuries

What Our Clients Say:


Equipment Engineer

When I started with my coach Riad, I saw fat melting away regularly and it started to make more fun to challenge my self and follow the advises of my coach. I’m very happy with my transformation. I’ve lost 14Kg in 10 weeks. Numbers I never thought would be possible. I  can only say if you want to lose fat and get strong hire Riad.


Contract Engineer

I have learnt a great deal and have changed my approach to nutrition and training drastically. It really has been invaluable and I cannot thank you enough. I am sure I will be just one of the many happy clients you will have. Thank you so much, it has been a life changer!


System Engineer

I learnt a lot, especially about how to quickly achieve performance goals. Everything is easier with a good knowledge, a personalized plan and a regular follow-up. Perfect for improving performance and muscle gain.

About Riad

Riad,  founder of PEAK HUMAN PERFORMANCE, is a chemical engineer, strength coach, soft tissue practitioner and functional medicine student. His calling, passion and ultimate goal is to lead people to achieve their personal peak human performance by optimising all available and necessary health parameters.

Riad was privileged enough to complete the comprehensive educational curriculum as a student of world-renowned strength coach extraordinaire, Charles R Poliquin. He regularly consults with top experts, researchers and trainers worldwide to remain among the leading players in the strength and performance game.

The wealth of knowledge he has harnessed from various mentors blesses him with unique abilities to guide and help high-achievers, both executives and athletes, as well as the general population to realise their potential and achieve ultimate performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Peak Human Performance a Gym?
Answer: Peak, aka Peak Human Performance, is neither a gym, nor is it a medical clinic. It is a Strength & Performance Clinic, dedicated to promoting health and performance, both physical as mental for high achievers, athletletic and general population.

Question: Can Peak Human Performance Help me achieve a better performance?
Answer: Absolutely, with our holistic but individualised approach we are able to help you identify your weak links, getting you strong in them and catapult your health and performance to the next level

Question: How fast can I see results in my daily performance?
Answer: It depends on where you are and what your weak links are. Usually you can see results in as little as few days. Again, helping you getting stronger on your weak links as a priority will show almost instantaneous results.

Question: Do I have to come to see you at Peak Human Performance?
Answer: We can work on one to one basis or online if you are too far. Another option if you are staying far is semi online, in that case you come and see us bi weekly or once a month and we work online for the rest.

Question: How is the coaching structured?
Answer: We work holistically, which means we will identify your weak links first and prioritise those at first place. We will be working on Sleep, Stress Management, Optimal Nutrition for better blood work and cognitive function, Hormonal and Neurotransmitter 
profiles, physical and mental Strength etc. The structure of the coaching sessions depend on your weak links.

Question: How many hours a week shall I be available for coaching?
Answer: That depends on two elements: Your time availability and how fast you want to see results and achieve your optimal peak. In regard of physical strength, the higher the frequency is, provided recovery is mastered, the better and faster results you'll see. That of course will have immense impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. In general sessions between 2 to 4 are the average.

Question: Can I park at the Star Boulevard KLCC?
Answer: Absolutely, we usually have plenty of free parking. You can drive in into the payable parking and park near Block 3A, then take the lift into floor 1. After 6pm weekdays and during weekends you can enjoy free parking directly next to Peak Human Performance if you find a free space.

Our Location

We are on the first floor, Block 3A of the Star Boulevard KLCC, on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng 1.

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday: 6am - 7pm; (appointment only)