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Class Schedule

Our Group Strength Classes

Fat Loss Class

  • Focused on maximising Conditioning & Fat Loss
  • Using bigger circuits of compound, isolation exercises and MST** lifts.
  • Spots limited to 9 Persons

* Please bing your drinking bottle and towel.

** MST Modified Strongmen

Hypertrophy Class

  • Focused on maximising Muscle Gains
  • Using all kinds of specific lifts & loading techniques for max stimulation
  • Spots limited to 9 Persons
  • Enhances detoxification

* Please bring a big towel, and your lifting shoes and belt if you have.

Max Strength Class

  • Focused on maximising Strength
  • Using the main compound lifts
  • Spots limited to 6 Persons

* Please bring a big towel, and your lifting shoes and belt if you have.

Why Peak's Classes?
  • Safety First, Zero Injury allowed
  • Efficient 45-60min Class, no time wasted
  • Using Training Methods from the Athletic World
  • Using the best pieces of equipment in Asia
  • Variety of Tools, Bars and Exercises
  • Access to the most exclusive Performance Space in KL

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Peak Human Performance exactly?
Answer: Peak, aka Peak Human Performance, is neither a gym, nor is it a medical clinic. It is a Strength & Performance Clinic which is dedicated to promoting health and performance, both physical as mental.

Question: How long is a class?
Answer: We have three different classes, each class is 1h long. The density of the class depends on the level of conditioning you have. We might do shorter breaks if you are fit or longer breaks to allow you to recover properly and not risk injury or extreme soreness after your session.

Question: Do I need any tools for the class?
Answer: Please make sure you bring with you a big towel and ideally a hand towel. For the Strength Class and the Hypertrophy Class please do feel free to bring any special tools you have as lifting shoes, lifting belt, straps etc.

Question: Do I need to have a certain level of fitness prior to attending Peak's Classes?
Answer: No you don't, we will always adjust your personal training stimulus and exercises depending on your training age, you just need a smile and a good heart.

Question: Can I park at the Star Boulevard KLCC?
Answer: Absolutely, we usually have plenty of free parking. You can drive in into the payable parking and park near Block 3A, then take the lift into floor 1. After 6pm weekdays and during weekends you can enjoy free parking directly next to Peak Human Performance if you find a free space.

Our Location

We are on the first floor, Block 3A of the Star Boulevard, on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng 1.

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 6am -7pm; (appointment only)

About PEAK

PEAK HUMAN PERFORMANCE has been founded by Riad Hechame. Riad is a Nuclear Engineer, Strength Coach, Manual therapist and functional medicine practitioner. His calling, passion and ultimate goal is to lead people to achieve their personal peak performance by optimising all available and necessary health parameters.

"@ PEAK we use training methods from the athletic world, everyone of our client is coached as an athlete, this ensures safe, fastest and sustainable results"  says Riad. 

Further adds Riad: "Our way is holistic, we can't coach someone who is struggling with sleep or has unhealthy eating habits. We first teach everyone to fix sleep, build acceptable levels of recovery, then help them to clean up their kitchens and establish a healthier nutritional lifestyle. Only then we get to be efficient at our resistance training"

Riad is published author of two amazon best sellers on Human Performance and Mindset.

Peak Human Performance

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