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The Strength & Performance Clinic

Personal Strength Training, Executive Coaching & Sports Rehab

At The Strength & Performance Clinic , we help you to:
  • Master Sleep and Stress
  • Enjoy a healthy nutrition lifestyle
  • Sharpen your brain
  • Obtain a stronger and aesthetic body
  • Rehabilitate and move pain free

Our Holistic 3 Pillars Principle®

We apply the 3PP® at The Strength & Performance Clinic to achieve 

optimal Health and Peak Performance.


If sleep and stress management are compromised, any strategy to improve performance will ultimately fail.  

We will work together to define the best strategy to achieve optimal recovery within first week.


What we eat matters. It has a major impact on our health and inflammation markers including immune system.

Together, we will design a healthy and tasty nutrition lifestyle, tailored to your personal needs and preferences.


Physical exercise is the third essential  pillar of our performance concept. We focus on resistance training.

During our weekly personal training sessions, we will make sure that you get the right amount and type of exercise.

Want to assess your sleep? Take our Quiz!

Whether you are a professional athlete on the pitch or a professional in the office, you are as strong as your weakest link. This Quiz will help you identify your weakest links of your Sleep & Stress Management.

Our Services

Health Transformations

Detox | Relax |Recharge

Executive Coaching | Mentoring 


Fat Loss | Hypertrophy Max |Strength Max

Dynamic Release | EMS |Sport Specific Rehab

Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

What Our Clients Say:


Equipment Engineer

When I started with my coach Riad, I saw fat melting away regularly and it started to make more fun to challenge my self and follow the advises of my coach. I’m very happy with my transformation. I’ve lost 14Kg in 10 weeks. Numbers I never thought would be possible. I  can only say if you want to lose fat and get strong hire Riad.


Document Controller

Coach Riad gave me a structure in nutrition and training, and I started seeing changes in my body. Since then I fell in love with fitness and I’m ever motivated since. Thank you for the patience and continuoius encouragement!


Contract Engineer

I have learnt a great deal and have changed my approach to nutrition and training drastically. It really has been invaluable and I cannot thank you enough. I am sure I will be just one of the many happy clients you will have. Thank you so much, it has been a life changer!

Based on 203 reviews
Yassine Medhioub
Yassine Medhioub
I've known Riad for many years, and he has been my coach and mentor throughout. His expertise in strength training, nutrition, and promoting a healthy lifestyle is unparalleled. Riad's holistic approach to transformation is truly unique, offering the best guidance for balancing body, mind, and soul. He's a man of exceptional quality who doesn't compromise on standards. Riad takes the time needed to treat his clients with the utmost respect, making you feel like a friend or a brother. I had the privilege of reading his fantastic book on sleep and stress management, which I wholeheartedly recommend. When it comes to the PEAK HUMAN PERFORMANCE gym, it's truly top-notch from the moment you step in. The high-quality machines feel like they were designed specifically for Riad's expertise. I also had the pleasure of trying the infrared sauna, which was an incredible experience. And, of course, don't forget to savor a cup of coffee. I even inquired about the coffee beans, although I believe it's the coffee machine that makes all the difference! ?
We had a great couple’s session! Very good instructions amd traininh philosophy.
Leonardo Guerra
Leonardo Guerra
Very friendly staff and nice place
Michael Ochieng
Michael Ochieng
Mr.Riad is arguably one of the best spoken and patient individuals in the fitness industry. The PHP clinic is the best of it's kind and a value guarantee for any package you select. I've enjoyed every day so far in this facility and I am very happy to be part of this amazing family.
Maissa Issa
Maissa Issa
This gym with its future like equipment and lovely staff deserves 10 stars not just 5. My son has been going from gym to gym and because of the trainers, my son is finally committed. I want to thank them very deeply for their impact on my sons life. This gym is highly recommended.
Colin Wolfe
Colin Wolfe
Appreciate their space to workout in and their expertise!
Eliana Torres
Eliana Torres
Great gym, very professional coaches and really personalized. It has a integral approach to improve not only the physical aspect but also nutrition, stress and sleep to be really healthier.
Syed Amirul
Syed Amirul
A hidden gem in KL ? Just behind Avenue K which I just discovered from a google search. Super accessible and all equipments are the best of the best: Prime, Atlantis and Eleiko. Friendly staffs and super clean gym. Get your fitness journey started here to get the best and peak performance!
Teng Xiao
Teng Xiao
Excellent and professional guidances!

About Riad

Riad,  founder of PEAK HUMAN PERFORMANCE, is a chemical engineer, strength coach, soft tissue practitioner and functional medicine student. His calling, passion and ultimate goal is to lead people to achieve their personal peak human performance by optimising all available and necessary health parameters.

Riad was privileged enough to complete the comprehensive educational curriculum as a student of world-renowned strength coach extraordinaire, Charles R Poliquin. He regularly consults with top experts, researchers and trainers worldwide to remain among the leading players in the strength and performance game.

The wealth of knowledge he has harnessed from various mentors blesses him with unique abilities to guide and help high-achievers, both executives and athletes, as well as the general population to realise their potential and achieve ultimate performance.

Our Location

We are on the first floor, Block 3A of the Star Boulevard, on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng 1.