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stress less sleep better

The Busy Professional’s Guide to Mastering Stress

& Achieving Perfect Sleep in 3 Weeks

In chapter one of this book I discuss the scientific evidence about sleep and its impact on the human body, then I present practical techniques to rapidly increase sleep length and quality and maintain it for better health and performance. I also discuss special cases as jet lag.

Chapter two is all about stress management. We are surounded by all kinds of stress sources. In this chapter we are going to look into the main sources of stress and give you practical techniques to help you strengthen yourself, increase your stress tolerance and work on your environment in order to reduce all kinds of stress.

“If you are in the fitness industry as a personal trainer or strength coach this book will definitely give you a solid understanding on how to optimize your training/recovery ratio for the optimal training and performance results.”

Andre Benoit

former Olympian in luge, world-renowned strength coach and owner of the CCSC (Canadian Center for Strength & Conditioning)

“As my mentor Charles Poliquin taught me, “the general that sleeps the most wins the war”. This book will among others, begin to bridge the gap between human performance and sleep recovery, providing extensive insight into the emotional, developmental, and longitudinal effects that sleep has on the human body.”

Preston Green

Director-Strength and Conditioning Florida Gators

“Great book from one of the health and fitness industry’s up and coming stars”

Yas Parr

Strength & Performance Coach and published author

I loved reading Riad’s upcoming book, Stress Less, Sleep Better. As a busy professional writer with a small farm to manage I live and work with plenty of stress. Riad’s approach to health gave me permission to focus on recovery first – mastering my stress and getting a perfect night’s sleep – before I even get started on his other two pillars of Peak Human Performance. After reading the chapter on great sleep I immediately ordered the suggested supplement and within a couple of days of taking it I had regained my ability to sleep like a baby. Riad is a wonderful guy, who really cares about his clients, and uses his in-depth knowledge and ability to translate that into actionable steps to make a difference in people’s lives.

Debs Jenkins

Writer, editor and book coach

p i l l a r   o n e

P A R T    T W O


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The Busy Professional’s Guide to Mastering Stress

In Part Two of Pillar One, we will dive into advanced techniques for stress management as the Genotyping approach and address in details the EMF stress (Electro Magnetic Fields).

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