This is an interview I did with the man and mentor Charles R. Poliquin, I asked him very varied questions from my executive clients. Save it, hear it again and make sure to apply the given knowledge, it has the power to changing lives as it did to mine and the ones of my clients.

For the ones who do not know who Charles is, he is the most successful strength coach ever lived, I describe him as the Einstein of the Strength & Conditioning world. No one has produced much as he did with helping athletes beating world record levels and winning olympic medals in 28 different sports. I’m a very proud student of Charles, he allowed me to discover my own potential. It’s him who lead me to change proffession from nuclear engineering to performance coaching, its he who helped me to believe in myself to write books, open the successful PHP Clinic and become an entrepreneur.


  • Question 01: 01:20 Do O3s have an impact on the thyroid gland?
  • Question 02: 02:50 Whats the optimal training frequency for beginners?
  • Question 03: 06:00 Whats the most important aspect for a successful transformation, is it recovery, nutrition or training?
  • Question 04: 08:32 How to grow the hypertrophy of stubborn legs?
  • Question 05: 11:11 Whats your take on the use of supplementation?
  • Question 06: 14:56 What are the most important blood markers?
  • Question 07: 15:52 What are your methods to lower stress?
  • Question 08: 18:56 Whats the best exercise for the hamstring if you don’t have a leg curl?
  • Question 09: 20:31 What are the most important things to control if you are a hard gainer and can’t tolerate carbohydrates?
  • Question 10: 21:40 What supplements are important over 40 of age?
  • Question 11: 23:00 When shall strength training be started for youth?
  • Question 12: 25:37 Is hypertrophy possible without carbohydrates?
  • Question 13: 26:29 When to start alternating between intensification and accumulation phases and how to alternate with increasing training age?
  • Question 14: 28:08 What are the basic supplements everyone should consider?



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